2 Key meetings this week: Denver Planning 8/1, CBHD board 8/2

See below for flyer to download and hand out to encourage attendance at these two key meetings this week:


Wednesday, August 1, 2012, 3:00 p.m.
Webb Municipal Office Building
201 West Colfax Avenue, Room 4.F.6 and 4.G.2

see details, including downloadable documents about the planning process, here:


From the agenda:
9th and Colorado Design Standards and Guidelines
Public hearing: to hold a public hearing on behalf of the Manager and to recommend to the Manager approval, approval with conditions or denial of proposed rules and regulations for the 9th and Colorado Design Standards and Guidelines. See Denver Revised Municipal Code Section 12-18.

Presenter: Tina Axelrad and Todd Wenskoski, CPD-Planning Services
Staff recommendation: approval
Read the 7-page pdf Staff Recommendation for approval HERE

NOTE: The public comment period is scheduled BEFORE the board will discuss the 9th & Colorado development. Please be on time if you want to comment. Comments are said on the agenda to be limited to 2 minutes. The Denver Planning Board staff is on record as RECOMMENDING passage of the amendments to the planning documents.

    Colorado Blvd. Healthcare District Board (CBHD)

Thurs. Aug 2, 4 pm
Molly Blank Conference Center
National Jewish Health
1400 Jackson Street
Denver, CO 80206

The Colorado Boulevard Healthcare District
is a consortium of neighborhood representatives (Hilltop, Mayfair,
Bellevue-Hale, Congress Park, and CHUN) as well as hospital representatives
(Rose, National Jewish, the VA, and CU). The CBHD serves in an advisory capacity on planning and development issues in the area.

FLYER: Here is the 8.5″x11″ flyer to download, print and hand out/post:


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4 thoughts on “2 Key meetings this week: Denver Planning 8/1, CBHD board 8/2

  1. Is the Post or Mayor Hancock being paid off to support the Walmart construction/related development on Colorado Blvd. How could any Denver citizen be a supporter of this?

  2. I understand the difficulty in a major redevelopment as this. When the economy and capital markets impact the local market and an overall plan must be redesigned, it is difficult. I am as interested in thoughtful re-development, however, having Walmart become the “gateway” to several establised residential neighborhoods is simply wrong. A more compatable plan will evolve in time, that is sensitive to the adjacent uses. Not every unused large parcel or land needs to become a Walmart.