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  1. I have known about Walmart since day 1 and several things that are mentioned here are correct. Our tax dollars given to develop and build. Mom and pop’s forced out of business by deliberate price under cutting. Walmart’s vendor’s forced to reduce their selling price by 5% each year.

    Let’s not forget the wild life refuge on Santa Fe and Mineral that they wanted to build on or Mayan Ruins in Mexico. How about the millions they’ve settled out of court or paid fines on because of discrimination and not paying fair overtime and benefits to their employees.

    There may be many people who cannot afford to shop someplace else but why would anyone with a choice spend their money at such a corrupt establishment?

  2. Contact your friends in other parts of the city to have them call or email their City Council representatives about this issue as well. The more that each of the other council members hear about this issue the more likely we can stop the TIF and Walmart.

  3. We have lived in Park Hill for almost 30 years and I have never been this upset
    about a building. It’s bad enough that we now have a huge parking lot thanks to National Jewish. Now they think a Walmart on Colorado makes sense. Are they insane!! Let’s stand up together and stop this from happening. This is very important!!

  4. A group of us from Hill Top will be meeting tomorrow morning (Aug 25) at Einstein Bagels on Colorado and 9th at 9am. We are working to figure out what is being done, and what we can do to Stop Walmart.

  5. Al, you shameless $hill! In what capacity are you employed by Walmart? Or do you just buy your cheaply made merchandise and clothes there? Perhaps it’s those genetically-modified foods that Walmart now sells that is impinging on your brain’s capacity to THINK! I highly doubt that you even live in the neighborhood, or perhaps you are a city employee or work for the planning dept. Which is it Al?

  6. I find it funny that the Mayor is trying to get this Walmart built. This is a mirror of the same decision that he made to give tax breaks and incentives to Lowes to build on Alameda just East of Federal. Lowes came in-built an entire shopping plaza and within months they closed leaving a new eye sore to the area. A huge abandoned building. Of course the mayor did give a dire last minute cry to Lowes to stay but that didn’t work and that entire structure that supplied lots of temporary jobs–empty. This is a bad idea-Walmart doesn’t belong in this part of town. DO NOT support their mission of you will never be more then 20 minutes from your next Walmart. The promise of jobs and development could be just another temporary one. These big box store have lots of money and no commitment to the community

  7. You people are all insane. Wal-Mart brings no more problems than any other box store. I cannot believe the ignorance and inflamed opinions about Wal-Mart. Do you really think Target or Home Depot will be any better? Really? Retail pay has always been poor and I guarantee you Wal-Mart offers better all around benefits than the mom and pop stores.
    Just wondering which union is paying for this web site.

    • Wal Mart is a s****y [profanity removed by moderator] store and it will drop property values drastically in our neighborhood. I don’t want that. If you like Wal Mart so much move out to the suburbs.

  8. Let’s have a petition, get unions involved to help us, let’s get yard signs (we can all spring for $3 for a sign) in our yards. Call council members and the mayors office. In a cash strapped city we don’t want to offer tax write-offs and govt. money to Fuqua and Walmart. Isn’t there enough of traffic congestion on Colo. Blvd. Don’t turn this part of Denver into Glendale. There will be a meeting at Hill Middle School Aug 22 5-7pm re Walmart. Fuqua et al will be there. Please come and let Walmart/Fuqua, Councilwoman Sussman and the planning board know what you think. Sussman’s official comment is that she is still gathering information before making a decision re Walmart.

  9. Are they requesting a zoning change? Are they subjected to Planning Board approval? Has there been any architectural renderings or a site plan presented?

  10. Same question as Pamela. I live down the road and would love to contribute time and energy to ensure that Walmart does not destroy this neighborhood. A post of any help we can provide would be helpful! Thanks!

  11. Does this site have anything other than a e-mail update sign up and links to other sites? I’m curious because I was hoping for a lot more information than this and I’m on my work computer – which blocks a lot of content.

    • This site is under development, and was thrown together in reaction to the abrupt announcement in late July that Fuqua Development was hoping to impose a Walmart in our neighborhood. Anyone with web development skills or with content to contribute should email info – at – stopwalmartcolorado.com